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The Secret to a Successful Extreme Product Launch

If you could only do one thing before you launch, what would it be? I know what I would do. It’s simple. It takes a few hours tops, to make it worthwhile. It’s inexpensive, affordable even for a threadbare entrepreneur.
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This is what it’ll give you:
  • You easily create a product or service which actually appeals to your chosen prospects.
  • You describe it in language which resonates with your audience.
  • You prevent wasting time on counterproductive work (which you can’t know about without actually doing this first), both in your business processes and in any software you might build.
  • You make it much easier for people to buy what they already want (cha ching!)
  • Your customers immediately understand your product, which means they’re more likely to buy it, get excited, and promote it afterwards
  • Your product’s good reputation explodes naturally
  • You keep your whole team aligned around the customers’ needs
What is it?
Photographer: Mimi Thian | Source: Unsplash
Talk to your prospects. Intentionally don’t sell them. Just learn about how they buy. How they live. What they need. That’s it. People like to buy, they hate being sold to. If you can engineer your whole sales and marketing process so that it’s pleasant, engaging, and persuasive, you will have all of the above. You just need to ask. At the right time. In the right way. Oh yeah, you’ll also have a sales process that scales rapidly. Seems like a big gain for so little work. High impact. Low effort. Which reminds me… There’s a whole chapter going deep into exactly how to do this in Launch Tomorrow. What questions to ask…what order to ask them in…what to listen for…and most importantly how to find people to interview. Grab your copy, and get crackin’.

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