Here’s an example of an Extreme Product Launch

Extreme product launches are focused on getting you to that first sale as quickly as possible. By figuring out what works on a business level, you can then proceed to with the business growth because you’re already proven that a business case exists (at a small scale) for your product.

Jumping out of a plane

This type of proof is much more powerful than any business plan you could write. In most types of business, making your first sale is the one thing you can do to make everything else easier or unnecessary.

Originally, I released Launch Tomorrow as an “extreme product launch” myself, by pre-testing the interest in a book on this topic.

It got great initial reviews, like:

“In my corporate consulting days [with McKinsey & Co], I used to tell my clients market research is a waste of time, because projects usually took 3 months and required a budget of $50-150K. But this stuff really changes the equation!” –Robert Grossman, Marketing Expert, Former Managing Partner, McKinsey & Co.

“I really liked the fact that you with your strategy a person can evaluate if a business idea is worth pursuing for just a few hundred dollars, rather than risk $25,000 and most likely fail.” –Scott Dudley, Direct Response Copywriter

Now it’s in prime time. It’s about using landing pages as minimum viable products. Clarify your value proposition. Validate that your customers will pay, before you start building a product.

If you’ve enjoyed this content so far, I know you’ll love Launch Tomorrow. You can pick up a copy of Launch Tomorrow over here.

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