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Why the Launch Tomorrow process actually works

Recently I showed up on the Predictable B2B Success podcast. Vinay interviewed me. He originally worked with Dan Norris as his content guy, and is now running a content repurposing agency.

Vinay Koshy

To be honest, Vinay did a great job pushing me for details with a healthy skepticism to what I was saying. This dynamic turned or conversation into a good interview, highlighting on the ins and outs of the Launch Tomorrow method as it now stands. And also how it’s different from both Lean Startup and online direct marketing, when looking at growth.


The Predictable B2B Success podcast

We cover a lot of ground including:

  • Why the Hero Canvas exists
  • Why there is so much focus on the customer segment at the super early stage in the Launch Tomorrow method
  • Why you can’t separate the product from marketing, especially when first starting out, and what connects them
  • How to prioritize in the super early stage when you are probably feeling most overwhelmed
  • Why founder-market fit seems implicitly obvious, yet often overlooked (including a case study of what that means)

Worth a listen regardless of whether you’ve just found Launch Tomorrow, or following it for a while. This podcast episode is good listen, as are many of the other episodes on Vinay’s podcast.

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