Goal setting with creative boundaries

Recently I appeared on the marketing mindset internet radio show. It’s hosted by Marie Mason and it airs at 6pm EST. There aren’t many shows that drill down into this really important connection. In fact, like my friend Rob Drummond likes to say with respect to small businesses: almost every business problem is often rooted in a personal one.

Photographer: Héctor J. Rivas | Source: Unsplash

We’ve had two weeks into the new year, so reality is starting to set in. I can’t say I am an expert in this topic, but on the show I do share what works for me. In particular, the focus was on boundary setting last year.

Setting good boundaries and holding yourself to them helps ensure you reach your goals, both personally and as an organization. I also think setting boundaries is intimately tied with a creative process and innovation, which we cover briefly.

chatting about boundaries

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Also, my friend Rob Drummond (mentioned above) has a free kindle book offer until Sunday (Jan 17) night for his book Simple Story Selling. I love his work, as it results in bite size stories which we often already tell as founders or entrepreneurs. The approach really helps with writing emails. It also ties in really well to early-stage landing pages. In short, story is the best possible way to present new products to unaware audiences. Really, it’s a no brainer. Grab it, and read it when you have some time.

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